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Read from a database without a control

This snippet of code shows how to connect to a database using a Data Source Name (DSN), and a reference to Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO).

Posted On: 2018-01-14, by SehriYazdani

Make your application stay on top

Keep your application on top of all other applications. Comes in handy if you're writing a "toolbar" type of application.

Posted On: 2018-01-13, by VB6Boy

Easily write to the Windows Event Log

This module allows you to write text to the Windows Event Log with with a single method call. Includes options for Type, Source, Category, and Event.

Posted On: 2018-01-13, by AntonioZavala

Send clicks to another application

This code demonstrates how to send mouse clicks to another application using the SendInput API, in user32.dll.

Posted On: 2018-01-13, by SethMayberry

Check for duplicates in an array

I've been looking around for this code and no one could provide it. So finally I wrote it. It checks for duplicates in an array and returns true if there are any.

Posted On: 2018-01-06, by ArthurChaparyan

Whitman Point of Sale (POS)

This is a fully functioning point of sale system written in VB6, utilizing an MS Access database.

Posted On: 2017-12-30, by VB6Boy

HelpTrax Helpdesk Application

I was going through some of my old code during a backup process, and I stumbled across this mostly complete help desk application I wrote about 13 years ago. Maybe someone can get some use out of it?

Posted On: 2017-12-29, by VB6Boy

Create an Access database with VB6

Creating an Access database with VB6 should not be intimidating, and it is much simpler than you might think.  Four lines of code will do the job.

Posted On: 2017-12-21, by VB6Boy

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