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Get a list of Wifi networks with PowerShell

Returns the parsed output of netsh wlan show network mode=bssid in psobject form. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Requires Vista/2008 or higher, or XP SP3 with a hotfix (I can't recall which one, sorry.)

Posted On: 2017-12-12, by OGrehan

Get Windows Product Key with PowerShell

Retrieve the windows product key of a specified machine using WMI, via PowerShell.

Posted On: 2017-12-10, by bestik

Stop service and wait

Very simple script that stops a service and waits for it to stop before rebooting. This script can be edited so it runs on every reboot or can be run manually to reboot.

Posted On: 2017-12-10, by awoodrup


In an interesting design choice, Get-Process lets you work with processes on remote machines, but Stop-Process does not. This cmdlet uses WMI to stop a process on a remote machine. The cmdlet uses your current credentials, I would like to expand it to run under alternate credentials if necessar...

Posted On: 2017-12-10, by bwahoff

Basic PowerShell CheatSheat

We all need to peek at the answers from time to time. This post is simply a quick reference guide for basic PowerShell tips, tricks, how-to's, explanations, etc.

Posted On: 2017-12-10, by dwirch

PowerShell Support Matrix

Do you have trouble remember which operating system supports what version of PowerShell? This little cheat sheet will give you hand with that.

Posted On: 2017-12-10, by dwirch

Download website html code with VB6

In ancient Greek religion and Greek mythology, Demeter is the goddess of the harvest. This code sample demonstrates how to harvest the headers and html code of a web site via VB6.

Posted On: 2017-11-18, by VB6Boy

System Administrator Excuse Generator Service

Part of the job of a system administrator is to define root cause for a problem or outage this is happening. This site has an excuse generator, but you'd normally have to open the page to view the excuses.  Not anymore!

Posted On: 2017-11-17, by dwirch

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