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Get the managers email address

Sometimes, you need to tattle on a user to their manager. But how to find out who their manager is, and their email address? Here is how I did it with PowerShell.

Posted On:2016-07-15, Views:202



Auto Downloading SCEP Definitions with PowerShell

I've been asked how to automate the download of fresh definitions for SCEP definitions in an enterprise environment, so here is an easy way to do it with PowerShell.

Posted On:2016-07-08, Views:221



Write a String to the Registry with VB6

Just a little snippet which will show you how to write a string value to the registry with Visual Basic 6.

Posted On:2016-05-29, Views:387



Organize Photos with Powershell

Like a lot of smartphone users, I like to take pictures. These pictures get automatically synced to my cloud storage, dumping them in a single folder called "Camera Roll". I came up with a quick Powershell script to organize these photos by year and month.

Posted On:2016-05-09, Views:492



Dump Database to Text Files

I recently had a need write records from a database to text files, with one file per record. This post covers how I did it, with VBScript.

Posted On:2016-04-24, Views:468



Who Authenticated Me?

When you manage an Active Directory infrastructure that spans multiple sites, it is a good idea to test the ability of clients to successfully authenticate against domain controllers in other sites.

Posted On:2016-02-29, Views:516



Checking Profile Existence on Remote Machines with PowerShell

Need to find every workstation that a user has logged on to? Security event logs rolled over or you can't otherwise get that info from the domain controllers? Here is a way to get it.

Posted On:2016-02-23, Views:569